August 6, 2013

Heat Exhaustion is weird.

It doesn’t send you to the hospital emergency room like Heat Stroke does.

But if you’re hot and sweaty it’s not Heat Exhaustion.
You already knew you weren't having Heat Stroke, I hope.

H.E. starts out like regular hot, sweaty and soooo hot.
That’s where the similarities end.

Hot is ok, I can handle hot and sweaty.
My strategy when I get too hot?

Get out of the heat!!
Use the fans and air conditioners.
Drink water, drink and eat, cold, sweet and salty stuff.
Get wet. I grew up with a pool.
Wear a hat.
Stand in the shade.

This summer I've tried to beat H.E.
Heat Exhaustion hit and hit hard.
Over and over.
Even just gardening and running around with the dog.

So I’m not sweating so much?
Or breathing a bit faster.
Or getting a little dizzy.
Or getting a bit of blurry vision.
Or feeling spacey.
Or feeling a little sick.
Or a little bit shaky.

Nope. It’s H.E. again.
Stopped sweating.
Shaking like a leaf.
Couldn't concentrate or  hear Tom.
Sight got blurry.
Vision went dark.
Knees buckled and sat with a thump.
Fainted. (didn't pass out, but dizzy, vision went black, fell).

It takes me hours to recover from Heat Exhaustion.
1 hour in a cold bath.
2 hours resting.
Rest of the day tired and shaky.

Pushed myself again today.
Almost fainted.

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