October 28, 2013

My friend posted on Facebook today. Humility

Your post about humility rang true today.

This is my first day of retirement.
It was a difficult situation. 

I loved the children and I was so happy to teach them. 

But, pressured to push harder on the academics. 
Criticized for being too slow.
There was no room for art or music. 
I came home crying every day. 
A hardhearted administration, controlling. 
Like I was reliving my childhood. 
I tried so hard to let it roll off my back...I prayed and prayed.

Then with very mixed feelings, I left. 
I can't figure out if it was humility, resentment or just giving up. 
But, it was the right thing. 

People asked, "What are your plans for retirement?!"

I plan to rest and fill up the emptiness.

Paint, write, garden...
And how I look forward to puttering!
No schedule.


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