October 16, 2011

Summer Song

Hot, then cold, then foggy,
all the days of heat and sun,
we all bake in one group,
soggy and beat and done.

Do I battle the wind and the pollen,
or wait for gray high clouds to come?
That alone is enough to stay at home, 
inside hiding from summer.  

Remember those green leaves turning,
lighter, then lighter, then dry,
preparing for bleaching, the weather
shunning the green in the trees.

I shivered and shook in the hot,
that field trip whether outside or not.
An anomaly for the body's defenses.
Fainting at home in the cool.

Hope sleeps as the mornings darken,
but sleepy doesn't want
to be stuck in the Autumn
with boredom and moping and what.

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