October 21, 2011

job loss

We're all in the same boat, I figure.
Everything has changed since the economic disaster.

I still can't get over the sick and slick 
financial doings of the big boys in banking.
I'm trying to remember it's only a few,
a few with no conscious. 

But the lay off has changed our lives,
our oh, so secure lives,
our blessed and rich lives.

Someone said we middle class
had wealth beyond Solomon,
considering the value of all our possessions.

The trickle of the trickle down theory 
seems backwards at this time.
We get laid off and we tighten our belts.

We lay off hair stylists, trainers, house keepers.
We cut off magazines and newspapers.
No buying books from the local bookstore.
No eating out.

No Starbucks!
(That's a pretty spoiled attitude!)

But who cares about that luxury?!

We still see luxury everywhere we look.

Independent, successful grown children.
Each other.

And don't forget that dog,
that puppy who drove me 
to the end of my rope in her puppy-hood, 
needle teeth and scratching claws a sort of torture.
But we now have a bigger, better puppy.
An older dog who is responsive
and deliciously happy to have us!
She offers comfort, humor and passionate love.

And our granddaughter, 
our love, 
our entertainment.

Cut back Christmas, no presents.
Cut back giving.

Cut back spending.

We'll be okay.
My mom, when asked what gifts
she wanted, said, just your hugs and kisses.

I know why.


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