December 20, 2009

Music in my Head

One fond memory, lasting even to today, resurges. A tiny girl is falling asleep is to musicians' practice sessions.

They played in the other room. I had to, wanted to listen, to watch them work, to soak in the sight of these musicians I loved. Sometimes into the night they'd play, while I drifted off to sleep to lovely rhythms, notes ringing, later waking to quiet and the low voices discussing varied topics, generally music.

Tonight was a reunion for this current generation and a pleasure for me. Old comfortable memories then, but tonight it was now and more pleasurable than ever.

Later, at the coffee shop venue, chairs and tables were pushed back for a stage.

The crowded, warm, room was crammed full of generations of friends, was filled with funk pounding, and with my children scattered around, playing and listening.
No planning was necessary for this spontaneous night of dreams that fell into place.

Contented, excited; I was just happy.