December 30, 2009

Eat it all before it eats you!

I have a new tactic for Christmas overeating.
Eat it all and get it over with.

I can't stand delicious foods, mostly fat and sugary, sitting around.
I give some of it away.
I have small portions with my coffee.
I give more away.

I eat fruit.

Finally I just polish off all that's left.
It's over.
I've gained whatever pounds I've gained.

Like an addict, I make excuses and try and try to cut off the sweets.
I eat one apple to try to make the break.
I fall off the wagon and eat several stale powdery sugared German treats.

Eat another apple.
Drink coffee.
Eat frozen enchilada.
Drink water.
Eat nothing.
Drink coffee.
Sip tea.
Drink hot apple cider.
Eat an egg on I'm on my way.

Dear God,
Please help me stick with the program.


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