December 3, 2009

Cure for sleeplessness

Someone I know gave someone I love an iPOD or Ipod or ipod or whatever it's called. Then someone I love allowed me to upload a couple of free! or $ .99! games. Some are silly, some are fun, but one particular game, Solitaire, causes drowsiness. You may doubt it, but I have proof. I found myself, cheek on the ipod, sleeping peacefully in the pillows.

This is how it works; the screen is small, the cards are tiny, the moves are made as gently with a soft finger touch.

All lights are off except the little screen, and soon eyes drift, soon eyelids droop, soon the ipod gets heavy and ....(or is it just this stupid cold sapping my energy?)

Well, do you see? Games, good for keeping older minds bright and good for helping those bright minds get some sleep! I'm wondering if the one fingertip touch card turning is not as good as using whole hands w. real whole cards, but that would make a mess in bed as you fell asleep...not so comfortable to sleep in a passel of cards.

** what? get that ace up there!*

I'm getting so good, I may have to go to a 3 card turn instead of 1. But I need to get more consistent before I make the change.
Good sport at losing?
No, not I.
I need more wins before I take a chance on more difficult levels.


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