October 7, 2009

It's Nine p.m.

We're off to NYC tomorrow morning.

I've washed every item of clothing in this house, including the dog's beds and blankets.

I've collected, counted, recounted rearranged and dumped out my dopkit (what is that little bag called anyway? the one that has flowery fabric and you put your lotions and toothpaste in? and bandaids just in case.) and repacked it several times. And every single thing is in ziplock bags, tiny snack bags for little stuff, bigger for bigger stuff and the big ones to put all the little ones into, so the security guys can see what you've got.

Of course I've picked my book and magazines already. That's the first thing to go in the backpack, right?

I guess it's time to fold and pack the clean clothes, but only a few. Not too much. You don't want to lug around too much stuff. I guess I'll leave the rest of the entire contents of the house's collection of clean clothes in the baskets to do later. I'll do it later, because I get home at 11:30 p.m. on Wed. night and head to school for a field trip to the pumpkin farm the next day. So I can do it after all that.

Do you think I can do this?

The son's travel company was called "Move it Old People!" He's politely altered it to "PLEASE move it old people" what a nice guy.

It's raining and not too warm in NYC so I hope I'm picking the right clothing. It's possible. If I get going.
Could happen.


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