October 4, 2009

Are you payin' attention?

Who remembers the story about
that North Wind and the Sun?

One of those Aesop's fables things, tales, stories, whatever. You get the idea? OK.

Two of the Earth, Wind and Fire Pop group, namely Wind and I guess you'd call the sun Mr. Fire, got to fighting. They knocked around some "Your mama wear's army boots!" type of stuff, one braggier than the other one.

Scrapping along this way, they didn't notice this guy, you know, the guy coming into the story right about now. Well didn't he kinda came from the earth like when God took some mud and made him? So I guess he's the Earth of this moral. Now are you paying attention, honey? OK.

The North Wind began to dis the Sun.
"Hey, man, I'm so strong I could blow you outta this universe!" Sun tries to top that, "Yeah?! I could burn you up into nothing!"

Now here comes this guy, see, the guy God made, if you're paying attention, this is where he's going to show up, the man I mean. He's walking around like he doesn't got a car or even a bus ticket; nothing! That's why he's walking around like that and who are you thinking spies this guy? Are you thinking?

Well, you know, it's the Wind and Fire singers! Don't you know the music!? This is on the Hit Parade if you know it. Now, pay attention, do you all hear me telling you this?

So they see this man hightailing it outta town wearing this big old cloak. Now comes the bragging. That old wind just thinks he's the cat's pajamas and he says, "Just you watch me whip off that cape right off that guy over where he is." So he just puffs up and blows like a hurricane; up underneath the thing, but this person isn't going take that, no way. So he grabs that coat tight. North Wind snaps the coattails this way and that, but nothing! The guy just hangs on. He's awful cold, you see, because that North Wind, well he's coming from the north and you know they've got snow there, yeah!

Now can you see why that darn wind can't get anything going? Well, you have to think about things, so pay attention! I told you!

So this windbag gets nowhere and gives it up, like a loser dog slinking away losing his bone to the other neighborhood dog.

The sun on the other hand, he is been thinking just like I told you. He's got this idea, see, and it's pretty tricky, this idea. Specially cuz' that Wind got nowhere with all that nasty storm stuff. But the sun, now he's got the clue. He's hot, man, real hot, like Fire in the rock group, and he thinks about lighting up that cape and that'd be the end of that argument, brutal way to be winning the argument, but he's got a idea better than that and here it is.

Just warm up the place. The Wind quit didn't he? So the Sun's just gotta get the heat going and he does. So you want this hot old thick wool apparel on your shoulders when it's like 100? No way! But now you are seeing the answer to the moral of the story. Yeah, just shine on and you gonna get what you need. And the coat guy, well he just wondered what the devil was going on and threw that cape over his shoulder and he hightailed it somewhere more conducive to relaxing, strolling if you will.

Did you get it? Did you get the punch line of the story?
Good kid, you listened and you paid some of that attention what going to help you in life like nothing else. Like in school, so quit that complaining!

Now we going to listen to the good old Earth, Wind and Fire guys gettin' down with the music.

You dig it? Yeah!...

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