August 19, 2009

Posting on the wrong lead.

This is posting at the trot:

But the rider is on the wrong lead.

She's supposed to bounce UP down, UP down.
Not DOWN up, DOWN up.

She's supposed to move up and down with the horse's outside shoulder (nearest the fence), not with the horse's inside shoulder (center of the arena).

Thus this clever little ditty:
"Rise and Fall with the shoulder at the wall".

And she's supposed to listen to the trainer, not wave at her friends.

Luckily for this rider, she's learning the secrets. She even can LOPE on the correct She can't believe it. And she is calm, not all nervous and tense, while loping! Credit goes to the wonderful, patient trainer...she never gave up on this rider, the horse never gave up on this rider and the rider never gave up on herself.


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