August 17, 2009

Miss Opal is taking a nap.

In her favorite new "Luxury Lounger".
(yes, that's the model).
Her mom's estimation was off a little...
...the bed could fit 3 bassets.
But Holly likes to borrow it
when Basset is off staring at Pear.

Last night a dozing Basset was dragged quietly
down the hall to the bedroom in her bed.

It was the most peaceful snooze she's had in a long time because she didn't have to fight for her right to stretch out across the width of the mattress which would instigate some shoving from Pear who demands his space, though Mere curls up out of everyone's way.

Don't squash the legs of the one that feeds you, Opal!

She woke up this morning refreshed, though clueless as to her move.

Mere better go bring the bed back.
Basset's wondering if it was all a dream.
But enough with the laughing.

Because Miss Opal is taking a nap.


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