July 13, 2009

First Place, Nonetheless

Mr. Mellow himself:
the mighty steed,Trigger!

A bomb could go off under Trigger and he wouldn't blink.
Now that's my kind of horse!
I'm sure my hyper, nervous self riding tests him,
but he's always a gentleman.

Time to saddle up...with help.

Trigger needs to warm up.

So do we.

And now it's time to line up!
Pay attention # 120.
"You now are being judged." said the judge.
"I now need to relax"., says me.

The REAL Judge, my trainer.
Now it's time for the judges to add up the scores.
Pat that good horse while waiting!

First Place for a First Horse Show!
My partner is a winner, too!
*** *** ***

A blue ribbon for first and a yellow ribbon for third,
Now that's what I call a successful day!

Trigger's the real WINNER today

He's the BEST horse in the world!


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