December 21, 2016

Lets Get a Tree Anyway

Too old and alone for a tree, but a little girl needs one.
Even for one night.

The trek is the thing.
Through the alpine doors.
Santa on the left, trees and ornaments for sale on the right, with flocking.

Saw in hand, Pa heads after the waving curls and flapping coat.
The best tree is as far as we can go of course,
by the white horses cropping in the next door field.

On the way home, an emu trots along along the road with us.
It high steps back with us as we reverse to see.

Shake out the dead needles. Cut off the too long trunk.
Make it sturdy in the homemade thick iron welded holder.
Throw on the lights. One string smacks the floor and goes out.

The helper thrills to all of this. Just a few ornaments.
And we're done.

Time for playing around arranging the nativity guys.

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