February 1, 2012

Never had heartburn before...

...don't like suffering now...

don't like slowing down, either!
Driving at night.
Forgetting so much.
Glasses...not being able to see perfectly.
Hands not working as well.
Oh, well, that's me for now.
I'm living in the moment and at the moment I'm dealing with a sick stomach, slower hands, needing to thinking more carefully and accepting who I see in the mirror.

Even though I could not have avoided hitting the deer,
I am driving more slowly.

Luckily the baby doesn't see all of this.
She only knows me as I am.
And seems to like what she sees.

That'll be my toast if I ever need to toast at a celebration.
Thanks for loving me now. In the moment. As I am. Gray hair or not.

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