February 25, 2012

cell phones

But who uses the phone option?
I get texts, email, facebook posts and messages, 
but no one calls me.

I asked Tom if we could get a contract for ONLY
internet access and text messaging and he said it doesn't work like that.

I'm glad I can use the phone feature occasionally
to call Tom or once in a while my sister.

But why is the contract for the TELEPHONE feature,
while data and internet are simply additions.

Today my cell phone rang!
It was a wrong number from area code 559.
I never answer wrong numbers, 
but I was hoping...

...when I heard my phones jazzy drum beat ringtone (Timba), 
that it was a call for ME.

Nope, wrong number.

I hung up in the middle of "I'm sorry."
Too disappointed to care.

I never get to hear that cool ring tone!

I love Timba!!

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