November 27, 2011

What do you want for Chirstmas?

Nothing, please!

Thank you. 
It's just not the right year. 

I love giving and receiving is nice, too.
The idea of a giftless Christmas lets down,
but the idea of avoiding crowded stores,
worked up people, and needless longing 
(for things unneeded)
perks up. 

This year we may give something to the baby,
(when do we stop calling her the baby?)
and I have a homemade something in mind. 
A ready made something to paint, to personalize.
This year our gifts to each other will be
cheer and laughing, story telling, good company.

Last year we had a nice family Christmas morning,
I cooked eggs Benedict for brunch
and my son-in-law cooked 
vegetables with cheese sauce, not so egg-y.   

This year we'll have more extended family.
New family we've grown to love.

So, no shopping for presents this year.
Let's take that time off to relax,


and maybe,
and it could happen,
just maybe it could happen,
maybe we'll write some Christmas cards.

Don't you love getting something in the mail?
Something happy?

1 comment:

b said...

yes yes yes!
we are also changing out the usual Christmas madness for some gentle quality time with besties.
xo to you and yours, dear sister-roomie-friend.