November 14, 2011


I work and work at positive thinking:

This is what I strive for in my day to day life:
  • calm, gentle praying each day.
  • thoughtful exercise with my partner and dog.
  • reading thought provoking books.
  • keeping up on world news.
  • eating small amounts of healthy food.
  • Minimizing fatty, sugary foods.

Try to keep peace and serenity in my spiritual life:
  • Let go of worldly troubles.
  • Accept people for who they are not what I wish them to be.
  • Be brave in the day you have, accepting what is.
  • Think before I jump to conclusions.
  • Walk through life with mindful dignity and grace.
  • Drink water and tea with healthy snacks.
  • Thank God for all things.


This is my real life experience:

  • Completely forget about others' cares or concerns.
  • Mumble an all encompassing quick mention to God.
  • Read Vanity Fair to find out what the zillionaires think.
  • Play computer games, watch tv and be late to school.
  • Be late to anything.
  • Wish the dog could walk herself!
  • Whine, complain, worry, whine.

As said by a wiser one than myself:

Snap Out of it!!!


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