November 7, 2011

How Dreams Again!

I'm trying to figure out why I have these recurring house dreams. 
There seem to be two kinds:

* Moving back into the old house.
* Wandering though some unknown house with many rooms.

Last night was one of the worst of the Old House dreams.

First it was nostalgic to be on the little court,
nice memories, of our first home and raising babies.
Moving back seemed fine.

Upon closer examination the neighborhood seemed a little faded 
and oh, dear, memories of tough times bubbled up,
moving back looked like it would be tougher than first thought.

Then denial fades to reality:
Oh, my goodness, moving back to the crowded, drafty, place
is a big dissappointment.
Suddenly there are worries about the tiny yard,
the falling down fence and garage, pets might run away.

And the neighbors are too close, too invasive, too weird.
The house is in very poor condition, cold and dirty.
Things will not be easily fixed, it could be uncomfortable for a long time.

Finally, I realize the huge mistake we've made. 
We MUST get out of this real estate deal immediately,
but too late. Escrow has closed.
We are stuck here
and we're miserable.

I wake up from the bad dream.
It takes a while to realize it was imaginary.

Sets my day off in an odd way.

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