October 6, 2011

the tiny pygmy mouse lemur

The Latin word lemurs means "ghost"
including pygmy mouse lemurs, 
possibly because
they are active at night 
and have an eerie, 
large-eyed stare!

There are eight species of pygmy mouse lemurs, 
and several have been identified only in the past few years.
The pygmy mouse lemur is only 6 inches, 
(more than half being the tail),
fitting in a hand;
babies fitting on a thumb.

Pygmy mouse lemurs are 
the smallest primate
in the whole wide world!

Lemurs live on the Island of Madagascar off of Africa.
Hi Madagascar movie!

Pygmy mouse lemurs sleep aloft, 
in the baobab trees
during the day and forage at night.
Footage shows the tiny animals licking 
syrup on flowers of the baobab tree.
And moths, visiting, too, are yummier,
both being pollinators for the host baobabs.
Hi Little Prince!

Pygmy mouse lemurs enter a dormant state 
during Madagascar's dry season, from May to  October. 
Females are inactive during this time 
and may not leave their tree holes,
the little cutie pies!

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