August 12, 2011

Ah!! Schooooo!!

Good things about school starting
(or summer ending, however you see it):

My brain may wake up 
out of its wondering, wandering state..'s possible. 

My legs might start get strong,
walking, hurrying all over that school, 
weak as they are due to months of
lazing, strolling and scuffling.

My creativity will be challenged 
by the challenging students,
thinking of creative ways to get
information into their heads:

If saying it doesn't work, 
try writing it.
If writing it doesn't work,
trying drawing it,
try coloring it,
try running,

Sing and dance,
write and read,
however you can,
find ways to sneak
the phonics/math/writing
into those growing brains.

Joke about it.
Surprise them into learning;
teaching requires creative thinking. 

Here we go again...       

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