June 25, 2011

Rio Doggie and Penny Puppy

Rio and Penny had quite the romp
while  M'nP, B and friends had quite the visit.

Rio and Penny were
tearing around the backyard,
Rio chasing dog toys, 
Penny chasing Rio...
Who does that remind you of?

Solomon and Holly.
And of course Opal,
We miss them all.

We scattered Solomon's ashes
next to Opal's and Holly's.
Saying a prayer was almost beyond us, 
so flowers had to suffice.

But we had joyous memories and imagined
Solomon would be chasing tennis balls,
and Holly would be chasing Solomon 
in heavenly skies.
Wrestling with each other,
enjoying heaven's living water spraying in their faces.

And the alpha dog, Opal Basset, 
who loved them both, 
but would be giving them what-for 
if they pushed her too far,
she would be hoping they'd both leave her alone
so she could snuffle along heaven's golden shore.

Now the granddoggies try to fill their big paw prints.
Just barely there, but with paws getting bigger every day.

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