April 16, 2011

at least I can remember what I forgot...

A list of what I forgot this week:

1. My purse, I forgot to take my purse to school.
2. My inhaler, can't do without that.
3. Money, I forgot to ask T. for some.
4. My hair appt.   I had spontaneously made plans to go see the baby at that very time. Luckily I texted T. about my plans and he texted back to reminded me. 
5. I texted B. a message for J. and a message for B. that was for J. I think that's the correct order, but I'm not sure. I got several "what?!" 's back.
6. What I do remember is that I forgot where I was supposed to be for ELD. And I forgot that ELD was right after lunch. That bunch of boys does not wait nicely. 

But the worst was all in one day.
I forgot my purse and inhaler and T. was going to drive them to my work. And luckily I noticed I had locked my keys in the car so he also brought the emergency key, but I was in class and picked them up at recess, but I forgot to go get the other keys (I'll get them later) and when I went to start the car the battery was dead.So I sat for an hour after school waiting for the tow truck and the driver was very nice. 

I went home and took a nap.

Next day I was rushing to get ready for work, like I always do and I always hate and as usual I dumped everything on the seat of the car.

Ran back in for something, as I always do and ran out and couldn't find my keys, but I knew they were in there so I grabbed the old manual emergency car key and took off, thinking to find them later. 

And I couldn't.
The car keys that cost at least $200 to replace.
The keys that automatically open the car.
The keys with my new South American eagle key chain.

Tom looked and looked and he usually finds things, but no.

I'm doing laundry which has been neglected since the new puppy. 
I'm checking all pockets of all items of clothing.
I am checking all couch cushions.
I went through several bags of garbage. (yuck)
I neatened the art room.

Now I'm going to check the front field where I had walked around with the puppy and T right before I got in the car.

I had them and they were gone.

I think it's not Alzheimer's because I remember I forgot.

I hate feeling this bad.
But after all I am getting up 2, sometimes 3 times each night to take a puppy out to pee, but the worst thing is:

I just made coffee and I can't find it.

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