February 19, 2011

sick deconstructed

Three weeks in 
and I'm trying to remember 
how well feels.

What an insult to God 
that I go along each day, 
grumbling about something...
anything, really.

Growing entitled to the clean air,  
damp-in-rain, full-of-amazing-oxygen. 
Rich air that soothes tired old lungs.
And sunshine prescribed vitamin D.

My chest and belly are sore.
(too much coughing?)
My stomach is sicky.
(new inhaler?)

But I walk, 
even stride about my business.
Feet work.
Eyes pretty well, too;
though a new Rx is needed
if yesterday counts.

I thought one of the kids 
had  stuck a bat tattoo on his forehead.

It was a bruise...

Missing a child's bruise 
is a hint if ever there was one:
Go buy too-darned expensive reading glasses.
(but even then, 
though we can barely afford them,
we can)

Maybe that's why I'm not reading much.

My excuse?
I couldn't find a good book.

This is a house with a thousand books.

Thank you, God, that I have
the brainpower to know
I need the wonder
of inhalers and glasses,
which are available.

What's a little cold?

Nothing much in this world.

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