January 5, 2011

New Year's Headache

I don't mean the literal, physical kind.
I'm thinking of spiritual dilemmas that we face each this year.

Feeding the birds in our yard has become a passion, 
but is that money better spent feeding a true need?
Are we hurting the environment by doing so?

Giving to church is the greatest thing.
Many needs are addressed, beyond our local church.
Some help goes to building schools in Tanzania.
Oftentimes with help from parishioners.
We can give by shopping for African crafts offered at a card table.

How about growing up...that could be considered spiritual growth.
My goal is to become more accepting, more patient and less needy.
But more importantly, calmer
My job presents myriad opportunities for growth!

Students' grouching and teachers complaining
happen for real reasons. The pressure on teachers
these days is unimaginable. Trust me. I am one.
There is always a reason for little guys' actions, 
always a need for understanding and patience.

God, grant me more calm, patience and caring.
Please add these to my New Year's lessons.

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