August 30, 2010

Why I hate laundry; 4 reasons.

I hate laundry.
All aspects of laundry, even wearing it 
because I hate trying to put an outfit together
and because I don't really care what I look like 
and I hate all of my clothes anyway!
(but that's another story).

The only thing I like about laundry 
is that the clothes are clean. 
I like to be clean.  

I hate picking through the smelly stuff, sorting and looking for stains. PHOOEY, I hate that! I always miss the stains and it's depressing to find old stains already set in from the last washing and drying that I missed.

Stupid laundry!

I really hate having to fill the washer before putting the laundry soap in so there won't be big faded spots from the laundry soap that sat on the clothes. Or I get bleach spots, even if I dilute it, on the clothes I'm wearing and my hands even which wrecks my nails (as if I cared). I know, I should wear an apron and gloves, but I don't care enough. Sometimes I walk away just for a second and come back to a entire load that has gone through the whole cycle without soap at all! Or, if I wait for the washer to fill, but not start yet, so I can put the soap in when the washer is full; I forget what I'm doing (ha!) and come back who knows when and see clothes still soaking. T. says, "Did you know you have laundry soaking?"

No! Yes. Phooey.

I hate drying because I invariable dry something you're not supposed to so something gets stained or shrinks or permanently wrinkles and no, I won't pick through more carefully, because I hate picking through washed laundry because it's wet and cold and all entwined and stuck together! AND I just learned that I shouldn't hang out the wet laundry in the sunshine (which smells great...especially sheets) because pollen and other allergens embed into sheets that I sleep on if I make the bed that causes me to wheeze and cough, that I hate asthma almost as much as laundry.

* Folding is ok. It's satisfying and beautiful.

I hate putting away the laundry, including putting things on hangers that get tangled and the only way to untangle them is to shake, shake, shake so they fling all around the room. And I hate hanging them in closets, because there is no room due to the many ugly clothes that I hate. And of course the clothes fall off the hangers because it's too crowded. I hate picking up clothes that fall off hangers. And anyway, I hate all my clothes that are stuffed in there in the first place. Putting clothes away in drawers without wrinkling makes me crazy...too much time consuming care. And as I said, I couldn't care less about clothes in the first place. What a waste of time.

Stupid clothes!

The End

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baffle said...

you may hate doing laundry, but i loved reading this post on how much you hate it.