April 10, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dear Pear

Thanks for sticking around and parenting those 3 wonderful children.  

Somehow they grew up and made something of themselves and you were proud and you smiled quietly at birthday parties, ballet shows, the recitals and the jazz. 

You loved your dogs and cats and the granddoggies and grandkittens and the friends, partners and wives and husbands and grandbabies

You painted countless gallons of paint on walls, fences, bookshelves, closets. You fixed countless machines; cars, radios, brakes, phones, computers, stereos, furnaces, drawers and whatever else came about. You paid bills and worked two jobs if necessary.

You created amazing gardens, fixed toilets, sinks, doors, lights, windows, driveways and mailboxes, and you even allowed nails in the walls to hang way too many paintings.

You loved your wife's art, helping her get through college and offered fine advice in all her doings. 

You were patient with all of us.
I love you more than tongue can tell.
You are my best friend and that's that.

      ~  ~~  ~~~  ~~~~~  ~  ~~~  ~~  ~   

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me, b said...

xoxoxo to you BOTH