May 23, 2010

Planting in Sonoma County Clay

  T.'s doing some planting.

 Lots of yummy tomatoes, cukes, basil,
parsley, dill and   peppers in our friend's
hand made planter boxes.

 The pumpkins and crane melon 
have to go on the solid clay hill. 
(I have a hill at Gopher Flats!) 
 because there is so much room in the back field
and how those vine-y plants spread!
So T. pick-axed holes 
and filled 'em with a bag-o-good dirt.

     I was directing the planting with a scratched eye 
because a little stick-like lilac branch 
was crowding a California poppy 
so I had to reach in to  snap it off. 
Somehow the bendy branch curved around 
and behind my glasses!  
(I read up on Kaiser's website...just a scratch.) 

I figured I'd take the eye in the house and rest. 

  Is it possible to read David Copperfield with one good eye?

  I'll let you know.

 I love reading David Copperfield
though it may be a little too dramatic at times.
And how I hate Uriah Heep!
And how tired I get of
Mr. and Mrs. Micawber's financial foolishness. 
And how feeble is Dora anyway!? 
She's the love of David's life, supposedly.

And how ridiculous David is not to see Agnes
  as his true, true love, I just don't know!

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