May 22, 2010

Let's take the boys to the ZOO!

Kid: "Hey! What's taking so long!?"

Between arrival excitement
and departure exhaustion
Me: "Quick, enough with the peacock, 
we've got to get to the bus!"

Tired kid: "Oh, no!
I don't want to go home on the bus!"

Me: "O.K. we can go home by rocket ship. 
But wait, where is it? 
Do you see a rocket ship in the sky?
What about going home on a stage coach
pullled by 10 draft horses." 

Kid: "I DON'T LIKE horses!"

 magic carpet? 
no such thing; 
no, too scary; 
there's no water here;
...etc. etc. 
until we were on the bus 
on the way home, falling asleep.

All that fresh, sunny, warm San Francisco weather!

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