May 9, 2010

Ann and Janet make plans for a wedding

Ann and Janet sit down to plan wedding flowers.

Get your calendar Ann says, getting her own calendar and by the way when is the wedding?

Janet gets the calendar telling Ann that she is getting worried about arranging a schedule for arranging the flower arrangements, not to mention the schedule for arriving at the hotel with the flowers and where the flowers should be kept until delivery to the wedding venue.

Ann asks Janet to wait a minute, she's thinking of dates so what is the date of the wedding while Janet points out not only the wedding date but possible hotel dates and by the way, does it make any sense to stay in hotel on Saturday when the wedding is actually Sunday early evening, but it must be, because there just has to be time to arrange her new hairstyle along with arranging flowers.

Now Janet's thoughts accelerate in many directions, losing sight of the central purpose of this whole tête-à-tête. Janet repeats the date of the wedding while Ann decides to make a list.

Janet is trying to put her concerns into words for Ann who is not listening but thinking about where is a piece of paper and a pen to make a list. Janet continues to voice her concerns about getting flowers from the flower mart and where is the flower mart anyway and is it even open on a Saturday or a Sunday and which day would be best to pick up these flowers and where should they travel once purchased so as to keep cool and fresh. 

Janet suddenly envisions the possibility of an overnight stay at the hotel with Ann in which case Janet's husband, who is not happy with the hotel idea anyway as he could easily drive to the venue on the actual wedding day.

Ann scribbles her list, word by word as Janet chatters anxiously while noting the nice purple ink written in a casual hand as opposed to Ann's usual immaculate calligraphic script of which Janet has always envied, of which Janet cannot read due to her perusal from a jumped up position so as to pace. 

Janet gives up any attempt to logical progress in this early planning stage and somehow ends her pacing in the kitchen wherein the husbands are serving up a delicious  
Day Before Mother's Day lunch.

Janet is a very clever parallel player and has missed any conclusions concerning the wedding flower plans. You could say she's up in the air, brain spinning, floating aimlessly but happily in the day rather than the mind.

Lunch was really good!
Those wonderful husbands, Ann and Janet agreed!



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