March 28, 2010

Angel, Martina and Jordana go to an Art Exhibit

 Their friend Margery is having a show of her latest paintings. Her style is eclectic and inspiring so off they must go late one afternoon. First Angel must come to pick up Jordana because Jordana would appreciate not driving and after all it still  is her birthday week; barely.

Off they go, down the highway for the big drive to the town after the next town. About a mile out, Angel passes back the map she's printed out.
(Jordana hadn't realized how computer competent Angel had become!)

Anyway; Angel tosses the map into the back seat to Jordana where she is sitting, comfortably I might add, while Martina prefers the front where she is more comfortable and where she is just the right height to pat Jordana's slobbery, shedding dog while parked in the driveway picking up Jordana where she was waiting to start the trip to the art exhibit. 

Back to the trip: Jordana looks dumbly at the map and says, "Why do you think I can read a map?", because she cannot. Angel replies, "Don't care, just look at the map; and, regardless, I think I know where I'm going." 

Jordana peruses the yellow and gray and white lines that curve up and around signifying roads and highways on which they were driving just then and others as well. "There certainly are many roads with the same name, or a least roads that have the same name as towns and even other towns' roads.", thought Jordana, turning the map this way and that.

Jordana must always turn the map to point the way she is going. So if she is going from one town to another on 101 West she must turn the map so it has it's own West straight in front of the car so the actual road direction matches actual map direction.

It's very confusing, even to Jordana, thereby causing her much concern, while she turned the map this way and that.

Needless to say, the three friends finally made it to the gallery with each one shouting out directions and comments as they went, with Angel finally driving down a short street that had no name on the map so Jordana had insisted, "Angel, the gallery is on a little street with no name! And this is a little street with no name so this must be it!" and Angel is saying, "Yes, this street has a name. See, see? The street sign says the street's name is..." at this point in the telling, this story teller cannot remember what the street's name.

Jordana keeps looking at the map and wondering what name the short little street could have when it's not listed on the map. But Angel found the gallery on the little short street that did have a name, even though it was not labeled on the map.


This story teller is now exhausted.
The trip to the gallery has been told.
The experience at the Art Exhibit will have be told another day, as will the drive home.

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