February 14, 2010

Wake Up! It's 7 a.m. Fool !

So many dogs, so many posts, you're tired of it, I'm sure.
But not as tired as me.

Because Opal won't poop at night.

Out we all go at 9:30-10:00 p.m.

We all go out and look at the stars and pretend we are not outside in the night waiting for dogs to poop.

We talk, move around, look the other way, walk a bit here and there in the damp dirt (no lawn, remember?).

Little Miss Basset will not poop.

She will search for decaying bird droppings or slimy dead leaves.
She will wander the front yard, weaving through the Structure.

She won't poop before bedtime.

But promptly at 7:00 a.m. she will poop. Immediately!

Right now so hustle out of bed and get her down the hall and out the door. Keep her moving so she doesn't blow it in the hall.
Keep her hustling so she doesn't let loose on the front step.

The walkway is ok.
I'll clean it up later.

Back I go to my warm bed for a sleep-in.
Forget it.

Opal's awake so everybody better get up.

 It's Breakfast, Fool !

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