February 28, 2010

calm down

We had to tell ourselves to calm down.

The basset hound is old and creaky.
Her poor spine is humped up a little in a sort of opposite sway-back.
The balding tail looks like a chicken neck half plucked.

She can't hear a thing and her sight is fuzzy...lights and darks seem to be it.

So when she got so sick we freaked out and thought it was the end.

But why was she so suddenly soooo sick. The vet discovered we had inadvertantly sent her into detox from quitting steroids. We got tired of the pricey medicine. Thinking her allergies seemed cured we took her of the meds, this even though she'd been on it for most of her life. We didn't think, we just did it.

Oh, the shame. She got really really sick, poor thing.

So now she's back on track and doing better...still pooping, but as happy as a sad looking old basset can be.

Exscuse me, I have to go clean up basset poop and I'm glad to do so.


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