January 30, 2010


After all this rain, I finally rode, but I didn't ride Finally, because Finally is a really old horse and doesn't get ridden much, which is too bad considering how well trained, cute and sweet he is. Frankie is old, too. Such a willing and joyful guy. A light saddle lessened the weight and so I had the pleasure of that delicate lope.

Every time I head to the Thompson ranch
I wonder at the sights.
Those Sonoma County hills slowly change, 
the light, the color, the wet or dry 
and it all corresponds to the lovely arena.

Riding in a Sonoma County horse arena
at the center of a Sonoma County landscape.
Nothing tops this.

My friend Akenahten doesn't like horses.
She thinks they are too big, too odiferous.
But she likes dogs and they can be big
and dangerous, too, if they aren't well trained.
And we certainly know how stinky dogs can be.

What she does like is landscape.
We've traveled here and there 
to find the most amazing landscapes 
to paint en plein aire and come to think of it, 
she owes me a birthday outing, 
several most likely.

I can just see her watercolors glistening 
as her brush dips and washes, 
her delightful vision of the ranch's
surrounding beauty.

Filling the page,
her greens are an inspiration 
and I imagine the blues and lavenders 
of the mountain folds,
the navy blue  of the dark sky
will shimmer at her hand.

What excuse can she have 
to avoid these spectacular views, 
especially after a rain?

The gleaming copper horses 
might catch her eye as well,
surprised though she may be.
When the day comes will I paint or ride?
Oh the wonderful choices.


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Anonymous said...

sounds like a plan. no excuses.