January 18, 2010

Babies and toddlers...

...delight the soul with their cute fleece jackets, with a two-buttons closure, hinting at the contrasting print lining. On Mom's lap, her beautiful round face, sizzling with soft curls, eyes wide in wonder, she puzzles at amazing things going on in this bigger world.

Brightness outside the womb was just another wonder.

"Whazat?" The constant curiosity.

So I find out that pink's ok, not Barbie Pink, and who can argue with that, but peach pastel pink, rosy pink, dusty pink, contrasting pink that will snuggle the plump pinky arms and neck.

You think it will never come while holding that little squiggle body, but it does come along with mobility, ready or not. 

When will the curiosity taper off? Constant questions and talking?

No matter, there is learning to be done.

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