November 28, 2009

How was your Thanksgiving?

I was so proud I did not overeat for Thanksgiving.

I put small portions of everything on my plate, ate it all, but did not rise for seconds.

I sat contentedly listening to all the family chatter: a husband, a brother, a sister-in-law (joining my family when I was 13, more like a sister), expectant daughter and son-in-law, a niece and nephew-in-law, a toddler great nephew and his big brother...a cheerful, entertaining bunch.

Then dessert.
Pride goes before a fall, and so it did.
2 1/2 pieces of pumpkin pie, 2 pieces of cranberry walnut pie
(really 3: I scraped the meringue topping off a third) thus the fall was far and the groaning stomach was real.

They say no regrets, so I won't.

Is it not wonderful to get closer to family? Only a couple of overnights with easy days creates a wonderful closeness in family.

My thoughts swirl with new awareness, wonderful closeness to people I've missed through busy-ness or neglect. No regrets, but I'm feeling loss none the less. But also hope: time goes by too fast to keep up with it all, but somewhere I'll catch up with the ones I miss. Closeness awaits it's time and place, but don't doubt it, those loved ones are loved. And maybe I'm loved back. So many hugs and kisses won't let me deny it's there.
So many photos, I'll sort them out later.

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Now, the day after, I can deliver this quick bit of silliness:

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