October 21, 2009

Fun at the Cloisters

My friend April knows her Mideivel saints and symbols, she knows what's what about churches, abbeys, altar carvings, tapestries, unicorns, angels and gold leaf gilding.

She knows her Art History! She knows that after the fall of Rome, western mankind forgot all about perspective. I guess the Dark ages were so dark and dismal and miserable no one had any energy to ponder the arts. Rather, they were struggling and hoping for the Enlightenment of the Rennaisance.

Where's a good old Ionic column capital for the lay people, you ask? Simple, clean, classical lines.

Anyway here are some capitals. If you are curious about their meanings...to quote a 1960's Jefferson Airplane lyric..."Go ask April!"

I will organize each image into groups:
1. Guys with Lions.

2. Guys with Birds.

3. Guys with or without floral motifs.

I'll get to the Heads later.
Just a bunch of heads sticking out of the arches in the walls.

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