October 2, 2009

Just get through it.

To get through it all you must not think.
Don't think when driving to work.

"I've gotta make the light!? Because I'm going to be late! Careful, reaching for that coffee at 40 mph on that bumpy main drag, 'cuz it could be a drag if you spill it all over yourself. It's too late to go home and change!"

And you must not talk.
No questions, no admissions of misunderstanding.
But don't be rude; don't be cold.
Just smile.
Go to work, don't talk and come home.

That's my dear heart's recommendation.
And it's proven that people are nicer.
I smile quietly while
we play with rice and
measuring cups, spoons
and funnels.

"Have a nice weekend. See you Monday."

And I will.
I do appreciate having a job, I do.


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