October 17, 2009

Jet Lag, Light, and Halflingers.

Why is there jet lag? Oh, yeah, light.
The old body has to get that light.
We shoulda walked to NYC.

The light would have changed so slowly no jet lag.
I kept wondering why I was so tired and dizzy once we got there.

I thought, maybe A's apartment was crookedy, but then they don't have earthquakes 'cuz they're built on solid rock!
We saw some of those rocks sticking up all over:
Central Park.
The Cloisters.

By the way, I had no idea there were so many suits of armor in the world. About 40 at the Met. 4 on horses.
How did they stay on the horse?
I can hardly stay on w/o armor.

I wonder if the knights' armor forced their heels down.

I rode on a Halflinger in upstate.
A draft horse bred in the Austrian Alps.

Not too tall, but wide.
I could barely ride.
Not to mention that they ride English with no reins crossing over the neck.

Western reiners use neck reinging.
Teddy didn't like my habitual neck reining,
He only wants one elbow pulled back for turning.

I neck rein.
Oh, well, we made out ok.
He was so pretty.
You'll see.
I'm downloading photos.
Whew, so many, I couldn't stop shooting.


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