October 30, 2009

How to make a giraffe head.

The VERY first thing to do is see giraffe ears and a tail in a costume store. Buy this inexpensive item thinking to yourself, "Oh, this will be so cute for Halloween and very easy!"

Next start with an oatmeal box and some paper mache and begin to create, but soon you will need to ask your friend to "HELP!!" when the proportions are your downfall (and they are always your downfall) and dry overnight while the head dries by keeping the heat up to 74 all night. Next day paint until it's very, very late. Then get up very early to glue in the head lining and go wash your hair because now you've got quick-drying tacky glue in your hair.

Then go to work with wet hair and bags under your eyes which you will later cover with make-up while creating reticulated spots to match the giraffe's reticulated neck.

She is a girl,
if you hadn't realized.


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