September 3, 2009

The Garden Chair

A jay dives with a swoop...

from his post on the garden chair...

and heads for the peanut stand...

...looking for a treat.

"Oh, boy, PEANUTS!
I've never seen them before in my life!
And they're my FAVORITE! "

They hop on legs of sprung steel wire;
walking looks rather ridiculous,
swaggering hops are for tough guy corvids.

Ever so cautiously he/she sneaks,
head swiveling like a robotic eye.

Grabs the nut and he's off!
Letting the others
know of the treasure,"Skreeeee-ii-EEE!"

These teenage quail use the chair for a lookout.
They'd rather have oil sunflower seeds.
Or wildbird.
Either one.
They're easy.


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