August 31, 2009



Computers: so fast and time saving?

No, so slow and messed up.

We are powerless to fix the following, even using google or tech manuals.
I have begun a list for the computer technician (when we get one).

1. Slow, slow, slow.
2. AVG (virus protection) constantly scans though it finds nothing and slows the computer to a crawl and the resident computer nerd can't figure it out..
3. At start up the LGforte manager is sooooooooo slooooooow initializing.
4. Picassa! Can't figure out how to alphabetize.
5. How do our Windows photos and our Picassa photos interconnect?
6. And of course the random "A problem has been detected. Must dump physical memory."
7. This really gets me! Trying to move the margin on Windows documents.
8. Too many menu bars on my screen take up too darn much room.

Shall we get a Mac?
The Mac lovers say OH YES!
quite cheerfully.
The Mac haters say NO WAY!
pretty grumpily.

Meanwhile, we dutifully recycle our old digital devices at every Toxic Drop Off day, envisioning neat and careful reusable products in our cheerful, good citizen's minds. The truth is that all of this ends up in horrible, toxic waste dumps in 3rd world countries.

Eww: lead, chromium, cadmium, nickle, polychlorides, pvc, ptfe all being burned (that's how they get the metals out of all the plastic) in terrible fires in wild gang controled lands.

That's a 60 Minutes story and it made me sick. I feel so hopeless as if there is no solution.

How much stuff going on in this world do I have to NOT think about in order to keep my sanity?

Too much.
And it's all on TV.


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