July 20, 2009

Stupid Computers

I'm reading emails on my PC.
The screen goes blue, bright blue.
White text tells me,
"There has been a serious error
and Windows must shut down!!"

Of course Windows must shut down.
What else is new?

I restart.
I check my email.
2009 is wiped out.
All except for 1 forwarded spam.
So if you sent me something in the last few days,
besides a funny forwarded joke,
I didn't get it.

Except the birthdays,
I remember the birthdays and hereby reply:
"Yes to the Jessies;
If you're there, we're there."

I no longer have my ATC address list.
You know, for July's stamping theme?
I think it's lost in the mail, the "e"mail.

Stupid computers!


1 comment:

baffle said...

i don't believe there were any e-mails sent from me to you in the last few days...
but will try to send one now.
a 'test' one.

if it works, i will re-send the atc address list for the AUGUST stamping theme. (i made my 'augusts' last saturday - i am super fast this month - whoooohooooooo!