July 31, 2009

Have you visited with...

...an old friend who was a wonderful coworker?

Because you find things out.
I didn't know she didn't know what to do with me, her new assistant, when we were both new. She'd never had an assistant before. And she helped me understand how being the boss could be difficult and not to take any stressing personally.

Why do I always need reassuring?

For my first couple of jobs I fretted that I might get fired.


For the job with my friend I worried she'd chew me out.

She didn't.

For my current job I worried she detested me.

Don't think she did.

She probably was so freaked about pay cuts and cut backs and end of the year wrap ups that she was a little snappy, unlike her usual self.

I guess I'm so self absorbed everything seems to be about me.

I just don't know.
And I guess I won't know.
So I'm going to think of something else, now.

For this one day I'm still in July.
May as well enjoy it.


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