July 28, 2009

Are you tired of birds?

Are you tired of bird photos?
Because I've got some pretty cute ones.

T. is getting jaded. I ask; how can I bear to delete this cutest, but blurriest, baby quail photo. One out of hundreds. "Delete the thing, we've got enough baby quail photos for the next 2o years."

But the new puffy, tiny chicks, all 5 of them, are soooooooo cute!

Now I'm trying to use binoculars instead.
Who needs more bird photos?!

Me, but I guess I'm in the minority.
But I'll tell you, you're missing some of the little towhees, 'cuz you've never seen them posted here have you? They are plain dusty brown, not very dramatic, but they are awfully fluffy and uncoordinated as they hop around chasing the parents for a bite, making high pitched squeaks.
T. says you won't miss it.
But I do.

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