April 27, 2009

Sunday drivers! Would you PLEASE STOP crashing into our fence!!

Sundays are treacherous on our busy road. And the drivers don't seem to learn:

Don't drink too much at the beach. Don't drive home tired, windblown or drunk. Slow down as you near town. Quit clowning around! Don't take your eyes of the road!


And while you're listening, (ha!) would you watch out for the dangerous tides and watch your step when you're climbing the ocean cliffs! Quit all the foolishness while you're driving a big, heavy car!

These drivers don't seem to crash into the neighbors' yards as they do into ours...usually into our fence, though sometimes just the mailbox. This time it was a fancy shot off the road, over the ditch, through the gap, past the redwood tree, through the fence and into the maple. Air bags deployed!


We first heard a car horn, going on and on, we thought someone was working on their car, how annoying, would they just pull off the electric wire! The closest neighbor called.

"Did you know a car crashed into your tree?"
"Should we go see?"
"Maybe so."

Someone called 911 and the rescue trucks showed up and the tow truck driver and the CHP. People were carted off to the ER. Photos and measurements were taken. Computers were consulted. Suspended licenses implied there may be no insurance.

3 crashes in 20 years seems too much to me. I'm going to put out orange safety cones to convey the message:

"Do NOT crash here!"

Sundays are the worst!...

Would you guys please be careful!!


Anonymous said...

NO WOOT - YOU are such a funny story teller - I cracke up OUT LOUD at work! I think you SHOULD put up orange cones on Sundays - with a orange sign stating: "Drive Safely - NO MORE CRASHING HERE!"

ha ha ha h

justducky said...

Now that's what I call an IDEA!
I'm laughing out loud right now.
Gosh we crack ourselves up, don't we?